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Concrete Work

Concrete Services in Kenosha, WI

From Foundations to Curbs, We Do it All

Our company is family-owned and -operated and based in Kenosha, WI. Since 1981, we have served clients from across Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois. Our service area stretches as far south as the Chicago suburbs. We self-perform all aspects of concrete work, so you can count on receiving consistent, expert services and high-quality results on every project. Our team has the skills and expertise to complete both below-grade and above-grade projects.

Count On Us for All of Your Commercial Construction Needs

No matter what type of project you are planning, our team has the skills and experience to help you through every phase of the process. In addition to our concrete services, we also provide general contractingmasonry, and carpentry work.

Our Concrete Services Include:

Foundation Work

Your building is only as good as its foundation — so let’s make sure it is solid, sturdy, and long-lasting. You can count on our carpenters to work with you to determine which type of foundation fits your project and vision for your structures.

Curbs & Gutters

Curbs do more than add appeal to your property — they help collect water and guide it into gutters and into water collection drains. Creating an aesthetically pleasing, functional curb is an easy process and a simple way to eliminate ditches around your parking lot and road.

Slab On Grades

Perhaps the easiest foundation to build is a flat concrete pad poured directly on the ground. One of the benefits of this type of grade is that it involves very little form work, site preparation, and only a small amount labor to create.

Equipment Grouting

Creating grouting under your equipment helps to reduce vibration and maintain structural integrity within the foundation. We will help you select the right grout material and correct placement technique. There are many factors that go into determining which type of grout is needed, including shear, vibration, compressive load, and uplift of the equipment.

Above-Grade Concrete Walls

Above-grade concrete walls provide a structure with better strength, fire-resistance, energy efficiency, and more. This application is becoming increasingly popular and we will work with you to determine if it fits your needs and vision for your project.

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