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Our firm is big enough to handle every size and type of project, but small enough to ensure every client receives personalized services and support. We have a skilled team of in-house carpenters who will work with you to ensure your final product is everything you envision. In addition, we also provide in-house concrete and masonry services.

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Siding & Drywall Installation in Kenosha, WI

Our Carpentry Services Include:

Concrete Foundations

Using your building blueprints, we will scale and assemble forms to lay a solid foundation for your new structure. We work carefully and diligently to ensure your new foundation is safe, secure, and in it for the long haul.

Rough Framing

This involves cutting and assembling lumber for the walls and subfloor of your building or addition, as well as adding structural supports and anchors. The rough frame is the most important structural component and provides the basic frame of the building.

Exterior Finish Trim

Our exterior finish carpentry services focus on giving your building a polished, custom look. This includes installation and repair of siding, soffits, and fascia.

Metal Stud Framing

There are many benefits to using metal studs in your remodeling or construction project. They are resistant to rot, not susceptible to termite or insect damage, and make plumbing and wiring installation easier because they are manufactured with factory-punched holes. We will work together with you to determine if metal or wood frames will work better for your project and budget

Wallboard Installation

We install a full range of wallboard products including drywall, gypsum board, tile board, and cement board. Our team will work with you to determine which product fits your needs and goals for your project.

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